by J-Liddy

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This tape was recorded in 2008-09 and is less of a reflection of me as an artist and meant more as a political statement and a reflection of the times that we live in today.


released May 1, 2009

Beats by Convinced, Uneak, Beatsmith, J-Trax, HiTek, Dilla, Lee Stone, Diplo, Serj Tankian, Copperpot



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J-Liddy Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Haters
listen everybody, put your ears to the stereo
i wanna vocalize somethin' real scary yo
make sure you're not pre-occupied
so i can get the whole 2 minutes of your time
without no interruption
humans walkin' round here like they got concussions
musta got hit in the head a couple 5 times
cuz i can't wrap my mind round what ya'll is on now
hate, be the new ingredient
of what ya'll overdose on, talk convenient
i see followers everywhere, it's pretty sick man
haters is the new epidemic, are you sick man?
you see your fellow man up in the quick sand
you let him sink while you're carryin' rope, or switch it
you see somebody comin' out and instead of follow his route
you go up against him and pull him back in, no
why would you wanna see him win?
cuz your life's your life but anybody drivin' in
a different lane is a lame, change not embraced
you just wanna stick to the script, look cool and save face
in front of ya boys, cuz it's all image dogg
and you can't take a couple of laughs in your direction, na
ain't got the balls to be a pioneer, rather smear
belittle the person who transcends and perseveres
in the face of adversity, you hurtin' us
hurtin' me with ya narrow-minds, dogg you certainly
they say you talk too white or act too black
that's expression supression, stereotypes in that
we work backwards, create karma, shit
it's like --------------------------------, shit
it's like the people get off on drama, shit
and good music gets slept on, you rock pajamas, shit
Track Name: Claustrophobic
they wanna keep me in a small place, na
i gotta see a bigger scape like i'm in awe
the anxiety disorder of a music recorder
the music industry is all within borders (it's in a box)
shit man, do you know what that means?
it means, no chances taken, we is machines
it means, if somethin' sells then we milk it to death
and if you not down with that, then you not given breath
up in a game that almost requires that you be let in
by somebody holdin' some power, keeps you sweatin'
shit, i was told many times by drones, 'talk it up'
'gotta mention the booze, cars and bitches' -- chalk it up
there goes another one, down that same path
that 50 more went down, that shit be lame trash
i be the plane crash that comes thru and knocks ya buildings down
you better feel this now

they wanna confine me to that box
i gotta snap out, like i just broke them locks
know what i'm sayin?

and no disrespect to 9/11, RIP to the ones in heaven
it is just a rap line, i'm not sinnin' se7en
i'm just my own person, makin' the most of what i know yo
look what's washed up on the coast
it's like seashells
you see shells fly from desert eagles
and i'm just told that by the people with all the details
but he sells, cuz gun talk is all in his rhymes
so i might as well try it, fuck it, 'bang bang, you die'
i feel like that's a lot of peoples mentality, they talent free
walkin' up in the game like they is guaranteed
to be legitimated cuz they supposedly participated
in some violent acts, standards are off track
but check it, when can we get back to the music?
i'm not talkin' bout everybody, cuz some lived it but most didn't
so you is glorifyin' a ghost
that's prolly gonna get ya children caught up with the toast

so who knows what's in store for my cause
and who knows if my music will bring applause
but i know, that i put myself in the ink
and i, spit what i think
and we, on the brink of somethin'
so we keep trudgin' yo i'm not budgin'
i hear the music talk, i hear the music talk
'i love hip-hop music man, it's just, it's part of me really'
and if that day comes, that i make funds
i'll tell ya one thing, gonna see the same sun
gonna see the same perspective outta my eye lids
that i first did when i was broke kid
maybe it never comes, maybe it's here tomorrow
but i will do what i wanna do and never follow
a fuckin' trend just to fit in
so i can bend, backwards while you fuck me up in the ass
Track Name: America's On Drugs
It pains me to say America's on drugs
Pains me to say America's on drugs
No needles in they arms, but brains be fried up
No needles in they arms, but brains be fried up
TV stations and patients is wired up
Gettin' so consumed, their dreams is all cut
From the equation, face it, we is all punks
To the mainstream media, makin' us mindless

Whoever thought that truth wouldn't exist in land of the free
Try to educate yourself when this world's falling
Come across some news that doesn't vibe with what you told
And you dig a lil' deeper, see that you been sold
A bag of complete and utter bull
But when we question an official story it seems that everybody goes
Apeshit, how dare we question that?
Is the response comin' from the powers that be and it seems to mean
To me at least, that they lyin' to us
And they hopin' that we don't take initiative
And it's obviously workin' cuz the people are wacked out
Carin' more about what Britney did
That day, or "what did she say, look at them nipple pics"
Gossip TV and the tabloids is the death of it
It is us, ADD in all our people
Subliminal programming's what they feed you, we need you

Anna Nicole Smith on my TV
6 months of that shit is all I see
Real news is gettin' suppressed for pointless
Stories that make us dumber by the minute
Admit it, admit it, admit it...
You gotta admit that
Take a second and think, you gotta admit that, hmm
Problem is, we don't do that ever
We drawn in, checked out, need to get it together
Track Name: Profit
open your eyes, i'm tired
i wanna close mine for a second
please open yours up

is he a prophet?
or is he a pawn used by the rich to pull the wool over so they can profit?
more, off the backs of the mid and poor
what's in store? is everything a-changin'
or is this just a new puppet, they re-arrangin' their front men
boo, the boogeyman's out
no truth is clear without a doubt, uh
unless you say somethin', do somethin'

FISA, re-investigate 9/11
russia did not invade georgia, the offshore banker bailouts
israel-palestine conflict, zbigniew brzezinski
mr. president, answer those questions please
i'm only sayin' that
if you, do not take the right steps, to correct this
then you become an enabler of the madness
no better than bush, cheney, or any other fuckin' criminal
Track Name: Take Our Money
oh check it, CSPAN's on, come here
what purpose does the gentleman from ohio rise?
good morning madam speaker
i request permission to address the house
without objection the gentleman from ohio is recognized for 1 minute

thank you for the minute, here's a 'fuck you' to the senate
you can call me a cynic, but that ain't right
this is cavin' into power, it's greed, they are cowards
they is robbin' us blind, yo, that ain't tight
i have paid attention, they was threatenin' suspension
of the constitution, that's a fuckin' disgrace
congress folks came out, admitted they was backed down
by the threat of martial law, waved all up in their face
get someone to take their place, they is showin' they 2-faced
wall street can make mistakes, and we gettin' the shaft
700, 850, both billions, 2 trillion
on the back of middle class, we is doin' the math
called up and got mad, 95% against
ain't nothin' make sense, we is totally entrenched
to the federal reserve now
they got no accountability still
so the root of the problem remains against our will

gentleman's time is expired...
Track Name: Saving Us
what up folks? rich, middle class, poor
we is on the verge of death's door
our world's done gone crazy
they takin' peoples minds for granted, thinkin' we lazy
thinkin' we dumb, thinkin' we scum, gum under tennis shoes
if we keep keepin' our eyes closed we set to lose
more than a game, it's not sports, more of the same
i hear the talk and it translates into dark clouds up in the sky
bout to pour on more of the rain
i am not set to get wet but...
they bringin' the pain, you can bet
and it's not what you'd expect
trust me when i say
you will not wanna absorb what they
have got in store for us, wake up
it's like we livin' with our eyes wide shut

daring us, you're daring us
you're breaking us, you're breaking us
you're killing us, killing us
you're saving us, you're saving us

you saved me
so i can save myself
and try to save you
Track Name: They
They prolly watchin' you, they prolly watchin' me
All this is done in vain so that we are free (so that we are free)
What does that mean
When media's controllin' news comin' out of my TV?
What does that mean
When they is on my internet seein' all that I have seen?
Huh, a lil' bit overwhelming
But I been payin' attention, time is telling
"The very word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society"
"And we are as a people, inherently and historically, opposed to secret societies"
I hate to break it to ya but they is breakin' you down
City to city, town to town
I hate to break it to ya but they is breakin' you down
City to city, town to town

They, think we is the prey
They feed on you, they feed on me
They thinkin' we dumb, think we can't see
And they prolly right, so what do you say?

I'll tell em' what I say man
Go up to em', tell em' this is my plan
Give my taxes back, I'm part of middle class
Everybody up here, they can pay some back
Spread it out more evenly
We got poor people givin' into thievery
Cuz we gettin' killed by the inflation
They killed the dollar, what the hell's happened to this nation?
Is the question I ask
While we in Iraq, blowin people up, my bad
They about to jump, I ran
War for profit, all that they've got planned
Can we run in the other direction?
Prolly not, cuz the cameras on the poles will catch us
They got an agenda
And if you don't fit it, watch out, please remember

"For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy"
"That relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence"
"On infiltration instead of invasion"
"On subversion instead of elections"
"On intimidation instead of free choice"
"I am asking your help with the tremendous task of informing and alerting the American people"
Track Name: Peaceful Solutions
there is a peaceful solution called a peaceful revolution
now lets, take back america
there's a war and we're in it, but i know we can win it
so lets, take back america
lets take back america

it's a dream so believe it, now get ready to recieve it
now lets, take back america
the war is over and we've won it, lets remember how we done it
so we, don't have to do it again
so we, don't have to do it again

i seen the disaster happen
you will not pull the wool over my rappin'
i will stay speakin' out over these tracks kids
i'm not advocating violence, that is
the wrong path to walk, they try to push my buttons
i stay on point, topics runnin' while threats keep comin'
uh, but you can't shy away now
lemme tell you what i believe and point out how
you can't stop, get pushed back, they will suppress you
your voice is so powerful, let em' test you
try to show a resolve that can't be broke
war is not the only way, truer words have never been spoke
in, with transparency
out with the federal reserve, think it's fair to see
in with bein' accountable
out with thoughts and ideas bein' insurmountable (you dig that)